Mariaclaudia Nicolai

Pharmacist passionate about technology

About Me

I am an authentic, spontaneous, and sensitive person with excellent communication skills; critical observation has characterized my education and my working career. Curiosity and initiative have driven me away from home on many occasions, first for the University and then to the Netherlands for a research experience. These paths have made me aware of having great flexibility and adapting to different environments, including multicultural ones. Working in the lab confirmed my strong sense of responsibility and my organization, as well as the pleasure of working as a team, managing and matching each activity against available resources. I invest myself each day to improve what I do, with passion and energy, in work, and in my free time.



Co-founder of the LP Systems B.V.

Company details: LPSystems B.V. designs low-cost professional audio broadcasting equipment

Delft, The Netherlands


Assistant in promoting content at Foodie Lab

  • Managing and promoting the activities on social media
  • Daily cooperation with manager, creative presentation of new content, handling customer requests

Naples, Italy

Research visiting

Student in visiting at Delft University of Technology

Paper: Healthcare Android Apps: A Tale of the Customers’ Perspective

  • Study of the role of user comments on healthcare Android applications
  • Result of the research presented at the international conference in Tallinn, Estonia

Delft, The Netherlands


Intern at Farmacia Dr. Italiano

  • Practice ethical and deontological aspects of the profession of pharmacist
  • Managing health products; consumer education of health prevention and the correct use of medicines

Benevento, Italy

Quality inspector

Quality control operator at Bruitparif

  • Bruitparif is a non-profit research organization responsible for monitoring environmental noise in Paris
  • Testing of electronic devices with precision digital equipment

Paris, France

Scholarships and Awards

Scholarships and housing services at University Residences


Awarded by University of Salerno (2015 - 2016)


Computer skills


MS Office Write documents, create presentation, create spreadsheet

GMDH Shell Tool for data mining and forecasting of multi-parametric datasets

YASARA Program for molecular visualising, modelling, and dynamics

Weka Collection of machine learning algorithms for data mining tasks

Gromacs Software used in chemistry for dynamic simulations of biomolecules

Unix shell Command-line interpreter of Unix-like operating systems


Python PyCharm is the IDE for software development and debugging

HTML, JavaScript, CSS WebStorm is the IDE for software development and debugging

LaTeX TeXstudio and Overleaf are alternative writing editors

Other skills


Quantitative and qualitative analysis, laboratory tests, measurements

Knowledge of GMP standards and stages of the production process

Communication with customers

Warehouse management


Use of laboratory instruments: microscopes, spectrometers, chromatography, centrifuges, glassware

Processing of analytical results, compilation of documents and drafting of reports

Ability to write executable programs

Electronic assembly and welding operations and verification test activities

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